Wednesday, August 5, 2015

EVOLUTIONARY POWER: Strength, Grace, and Endurance, the way nature intended

This is the blog you've been evolving for.  (Respect and apologies to my late middle school English teacher, Mrs. Balczewski.  Sometimes I just have to end a sentence with a preposition.)

"evolution," n.; a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form; change in the genetic composition of a population during successive generations, as a result of natural selection acting on the genetic variation among individuals, and resulting in the development of new species

"evolutionary," adj.; of or relating to or produced by evolution; "evolutionary biology"

I begin this with a promise to you, the reader:  If you consistently apply the principles to be shared here, the little blog you're now reading will drastically improve the quality of your life.

To be clear, this is written by an upright, bipedal hominid of the species Homo sapiens sapiens... that's right, by a modern human, for modern humans.  I'll assume that you probably knew that, so why do I bother making the distinction?  Because it seems the vast majority of "civilized" humans alive today have forgotten what they are and how they were forged by nature to exist!  Not only that, but most of these same people have also either:  A.) lost sight of where we, as a species, are headed; or B.) lost the motivation or capacity to care.

Examining current fitness trends as just one of many relevant indicators, it's safe to say that humankind, as a whole, is flushing itself down the proverbial toilet.  Sure, there might still be one arm visible, but all it seems to be doing is trying to pull the handle again.  Unless you live alone and never use public restrooms, you can probably appreciate the value of a "courtesy flush"... But seriously...

Why are we working so fervently to ruin our own existence?  Now, now... before you write me off as some whiny, new age hippie and click your way back to the zombified apathy of the internet-at-large, I encourage you to read a bit further.  I solemnly pledge that at no point will I urge you to build a hut made out of mud, grass, and recycled tires, nor to subsist on a diet of home-grown soy beans.

Still there?  Good.  The information contained in this blog will start you on a lifeway that will bring you back to the state of how humans are meant to live, not in terms of a regression to a primitive/ prehistoric lifestyle, but as a means of reconnecting with yourself, your health, the people in your life, and the natural world of which you are still a part, though you may have temporarily forgotten it.

Evolutionary Power is, first and foremost, about reclaiming your natural right to live robustly, in a strong, healthy, vigorous body, and to enjoy the vitality of mind and spirit that comes along with it.  Along the way, we will briefly examine the evolutionary history of our species, from archaic man, right up to modern times.  What were our ancestors like, and why?  What did they eat?  How did they move?  Why should this matter to a human being, living in the 21st century?  All of these questions and more will be explored along the path to a greater understanding of how you can maximize your human experience and, as Bruce Lee stated, honestly express yourself and become a "fully actualized human being."


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