Friday, August 7, 2015

FRIDAY RECIPE: Banana Almond Pancakes!

I'll be the first to admit that transitioning from a SAD (Standard American Diet) way of eating, to fueling your body, mind and spirit with the real food you are evolved for isn't entirely devoid of challenges, especially in the beginning.  For some, the first hurdle is the so-called "carb flu," characterized by a temporary period of brain fog, mental fuzziness, and a general sense of fatigue.  This is completely normal, and something that many people experience as their body's metabolism switches from one that is dependent upon frequently consumed grains/sugars as its primary source of energy, to one that efficiently and chiefly burns fat, as it was made to do (both recently consumed fat and/or the stored fat already hanging out in the general vicinity of the nation's stockpile of butts, bellies, and thighs).  Rest assured that this too shall pass!  Some people don't experience the carb flu at all, whereas others might go through a period of it lasting from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of their carb addiction.

Even after the carb flu has passed, however, you will still sometimes get a hankering for old favorites, and it can be a great help to have some "paleo-friendly" versions standing by to get you through it.  Not only that, but there are literally thousands of delicious dishes available for people who choose to eat primally, most of which far surpass their conventional counterparts in terms of both taste and healthiness.  Case in point:  banana almond pancakes.

These are just as easy (if not easier) to make as the standard wheat flour variety, they taste better, and they're incomparably more healthy for you.  This is my preferred flapjack, and one of those food items that made learning to eat for Evolutionary Power a real pleasure.

2 bananas (preferably not green)
1 large egg
A big, heaping tablespoon of almond butter (add a bit more for an even fluffier pancake)
Optional: a bit of vanilla extract and/or a dash of cinnamon for extra goodness
Butter, coconut oil, or olive oil for frying

Mash the bananas with a fork.  Stir in the egg and almond butter (and vanilla and/or cinnamon, if desired), mixing all ingredients well.  Drop a spoonful of batter into a medium-hot skillet that's been well-greased with butter, coconut oil, or olive oil, forming a pancake about 4-inches in diameter.  Brown on each side and serve warm.  These taste great plain, or you can add a drizzle of honey, a bit of pure maple syrup, or top 'em with berries to taste.  Makes about half a dozen 4-inch flapjacks.

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